5 Minutes – End Procrastination

5 Minutes – End Procrastination

February 27, 2017  12:09 pm

I’m fascinated by how our lives get overwhelmed by all the things that we need to get done.  Some items are big and some are small… but when you clump them all together, it is a gargantuan “thing”.  Ideas, tasks, problems, and chores are stacked on top of each other and they create a larger issue that being just a stumbling block, they become a wall or worse, a fortress with walls that grow taller or thicker and appear immovable.

Where does that time go?  Have you ever been watching TV and the commercial break comes on at the most crucial point in the episode?  Those are 15, 30, 60 seconds spots, stacked one after another and it feels like FOREVER.  What’s worse is then the show will come back for the shortest period, just to send you back out to the advertisers, leaving you feeling betrayed!  I tend to DVR as much as possible because I like to “zip” past all that. Watching it live makes me wonder how I’m going to get back that 2, 4, 5 minutes I lost mindlessly waiting during the break in my show.

I ask myself, what could I have done during that time to accomplish something? Maybe complete something, follow up on an email… chip away at A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.? 

“5 Minutes”…  I have literally started to use my timer on my phone.  “5 Minutes”, I have found is plenty of time for me to chip away at some of the more mundane tasks, both in business and private life.  I have talked to a number of other small businesses, and their recordkeeping database is daunting.  A week goes by, and they have to reconcile, or catch up with invoicing, call a key contact back, etc, which could have been remedied in 5 minutes. 

I’m a perpetual work-in-progress, but I have moved the work along with 5 minutes.  Move on to another item.  If things are moving and that 5 minutes kick started that project or analysis that you have been putting off… Start that timer again!  Add another 5 minutes or bolster that time to 15 minutes.  

Small businesses never seem to have true downtime and life gets a little unbalanced.  5 minutes can go a long way toward shifting it back into balance.