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  • walking a client through the process from beginning to end.
  • welcoming questions and providing honest answers.
  • training and certification
  • growth of our employees is growth of the company.

Amy Yakes is the Owner and President of Amy Yakes Enterprises (AYE).  Ms. Yakes has always had the innate desire to be self-employed and closely identified with her Grandfather and her family heritage as immigrants from Norway.  She observed with great pride her father leading a family business with her two uncles and the unique, complex, and strong dynamics that existed between them and that extended out to the rest of the family and employees.

AYE, Inc., under her leadership, defined focus on key services and markets that provided essential long term growth and year round sustainability through sound practice of training and certification and tighter management practices to create accountability and efficiencies. She is trained and certified through National Pavement Association in Seal coating, Crack sealing, Parking lot layout & Striping.

The AYE staff brings 60 years combined experience in Asphalt Maintenance and Snow Removal.