Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt Patching & Pothole Filling

We remove compromised asphalt area. If needed, additional base added to area to fortify foundation for asphalt surface material. Material is compacted with tamper or roller depending on size and location of patching area.

Parking Lot Striping

Preparation of parking lot for line painting by clearing pavement of debris followed by the measurement and marking of pavement for new layout of new asphalt. Application of paint to pavement is done with Graco Line Laser and Line Driver. Symbol markings hand sprayed with paint gun from Graco Line Laser.

Crack Filling & Crack Sealing

Crackfilling consists of preparation of the asphalt surface by using an air lance to heat (drying out moisture within the cracks and/or burning off of vegetation growing in cracks) and/or blowing (removal of loose stones/dirt/debris). Crackfill that is heated to 400 degrees in a kettle is then injected into the cracks that are greater than 1/8 inch followed by a squeegee to push the material into the crack as well as create a smooth, level, water tight surface.

Crack Sealing is the same process, except that the initial step is to route the cracks to a various width and depth (1/2 x 1/2 inch) to create a more uniform crevice for the crackfill to adhere to the sides of the asphalts and therefore create a more solid, durable seal. The subsequent steps of crackfilling follow to complete the process. Often sand is toss on the completed crackfilling/cracksealing to increase drying rate to allow traffic flow to resume sooner.


Residential & Commercial Parking Lot/Driveway

Asphalt surface is prep for sealcoating by first sweeping and blowing the surface clear of dirt and debris. The sealcoat is then applied either with a spraying method for the first coat, followed by a second coat applied with a brush technique that is thicker and creates a nice finish. Depending on the job, two coats of sprayed sealcoat may be used. The surface is then allowed to cure for at least 24 hours with fair temperatures and plenty of sun.