Sealcoating is key to minimizing future maintenance

Sealcoating is key to minimizing future maintenance

October 17, 2016  3:58 pm

The sealcoating process is commonly known as painting the asphalt black but this paint is not an ordinary paint! It’s actually a bituminous based product that is mixed with water, silica sand, polymer additives and other proprietary fillers and solids to make it a liquid that looks like paint. The final “paint” is a thick liquid that is then applied by using brushes, sprays, and squeegees.

Sealcoating is essential because it’s the best way of protection against environmental effects and asphalt’s natural deterioration. What is ASPHALT?  It is material comprised of rocks, sand, and aggregates that held together by a binder.

The key feature of sealcoating is the protection of asphalt.  It’s important to note that the layer of seal coat shouldn’t be used for crack-filling purposes. Cracks and other flaws should be sealed or corrected before the application of the sealcoat.

Sealcoating fights against the deterioration in three main problem areas:

Moisture: The moisture damage is really an alarming situation for the lifespan of pavement. It is impossible to keep the asphalt away from moisture because it is always exposed to the atmosphere. So, that’s the point where we talk about some kind of protection. The sealcoat is good for sealing out the moisture and it prevents absorption into the base.

UV Rays: UV rays are also a factor in reducing pavement’s lifespan because these Ultra-Violet radiations penetrate into the asphalt and break down the binder of the asphalt.  Without the binder, it allows the pavement to revert back to the loose gravel.

Chemicals: The sealcoating is also a great barrier against the harmful chemicals that can damage the durability the pavement; again, breaking down the strength and durability of the binder.

Protection of the asphalt DOUBLES the life of asphalt. Who doesn’t want that?  It’s important to start this crucial maintenance in the beginning to experience the full benefit of its longevity.

Finally – Sealcoat Asphalt looks good.  Beyond the protection, it gives the roads, parking lots and pavements a contrast to the environment around it.